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Stromer Stromer ST3 Pinion Sport "Launch Edition"

Stromer Stromer ST3 Pinion Sport "Launch Edition"
Color: Imperial Red
Size: Select size
Fork: Wren Suspension Fork
Battery: 983 Wh
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The ST3 Pinion Launch Edition with its exclusive Imperial Red paint, Pinion gearbox, Gates carbon belt drive, and the most powerful battery is an exceptionally dynamic S-Pedelec and ideal for everyday use. The customizable riding position and the smart extras ensure comfortable, stylish and efficient mobility in commuter traffic.

Pinion gearbox
Pinion C1.9 XR 9-speed gearbox (568 %) with Gates carbon belt drive. Particularly low-maintenance, clean and durable. For fast, precise gear changes and smooth riding.

Charger 245W
Stromer CR245 - Fast charging. Our chargers can be used to charge the batteries directly in the e-bike or outside the e-bike.

Side mirror
The side mirror will help you keep an eye on the cars you're leaving behind.

The perfect size and shape for maximum comfort and grip.