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What are the different classes of e-bikes?

Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, what do they are mean? Electric bikes come in three distinct classes, which mainly dictates the kind of motor and type of assistance you'll receive from the bike. Local laws will often govern use of certain bikes based on their class, so be sure to note what class of e-bike you have, and follow local laws accordingly. 

Tune-Up One

Class 1

Mid-Drive Motor

Limited to 20 MPH

Pedal Assistance Only

Allowed on most major bike trails and BLM single-track

Tune-Up Two

Class 2

Hub Drive Motor

Limited to 20 MPH (Certain models can go 28 MPH)

Pedal Assistance & Throttle

Some trail restrictions apply

Tune-Up Three

Class 3

Mid-Drive Motor

Assistance up to 28 MPH

Pedal Assistance

Certain limitations on multi-use trail systems.