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Hub-Drive v. Mid-Drive Whats the difference?

Brand new to the e-bike world? Here's the main differences between the two types of e-bike motors, and what to look for when shopping for your next e-bike.

Hub-Drive Motors

Common on many entry level e-bikes, the hub-drive mounts within the rear wheel of a bike. It provides assistance to the rider by directly helping to spin the rear wheel. The assistance of these motors can be controlled either with throttle or pedal assistance. In general, riders find these motor to be powerful and "pushy" in their assistance, single all electric force comes from the rear of the bike. 

Mid-Drive Motors

Mid-Drive motors, commonly manufactured companies like Bosch, Shimano, and Brose, work by mounting directly to the pedals and drive system. They use a system of sensors and computers to calculate how hard you're pedaling in order to deliver further electrical assistance. Mid-Drive's feel incredibly natural and comfortable in the way they assist you. This is due to their ability to work in conjunction with the bike's drivetrain, giving you a smooth "bike-like" feeling.